Could we be more proud than we are now, since owing to Prof. Dr Miroslav Đorđević, we are able to offer the best services in the world in this area?


Plastic surgery will make you look better, it will help you feel better, and it will generally add to the quality of your life. Research studies have proved there is a strong bond between plastic surgery and greater self-confidence.

Surgeons say the best candidates for aesthetic surgery are patients, both male and female, who are psychically healthy, psychologically stable with realistic expectations who expect to feel better due to their new looks. Psychologically, aesthetic operation is a part of a package, i.e. if everything else is in order, if a patient is healthy and stable and only believes the surgery is necessary because s/he is growing older rapidly, such operation will be a real success.

It is necessary to talk to your surgeon about your expectations and the outcome before you make a decision. When the surgeon finds out about the patient’s wishes, they must ask themselves whether they can meet their expectations and whether they can do so safely. Should one of the answers be “NO”, the operation should not be performed.

If you think that life is better for beautiful and attractive people, you are right. Research has shown that good-looking individuals have an advantage compared to those with average appearance. The looks are very important in our world. Perhaps it is not fair, but it is true. Your appearance matters in every aspect of your life. Surgeons also add that patients’ expectations need to be realistic and that plastic surgery cannot resolve all of their problems.


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