Removal of skin alterations

Whether they represent an aesthetic or more serious medical problem, we will remove most of them in a very efficient manner and under local anaesthesia.



There are numerous skin changes and some of them may represent a medical problem, such as different malignant tumefactions, benign changes that may have a malignant character according to their localization, and which then require serious reconstructive procedures and a series of alterations which only represent an aesthetic problem.

All those changes can usually be removed under local anaesthesia, by surgical procedures that are relatively short and do not require special preoperative preparation or special postoperative recovery. All these excised changes are sent to patohistological analysis. In addition to classical operative methods, depending on the character of the change itself, its size and localization, the procedure may be performed by a laser or radio-waves under local anaesthesia, whereby the skin is able to regenerate quickly without leaving any visible scars.

Moles that usually cause fear in patients may be removed as well. Their removal is suggested if the mole changes, grows, itches, bleeds without injury or if secretion appears, also if its colour changes or its boundary lines become unclear compared to the surrounding tissue. Moles that do not change, but are located in the places exposed to injuries, should be removed as well. The removal of moles is performed by surgical excision under local anaesthesia followed by histopathological verification of excised alteration which is compulsory.

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Specialist of plastic and reconstructive surgery


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