Correction of scars

Surgical removal and correction of scars is one of the simplest interventions for an experience aesthetic surgeon.



There are numerous causes of scars. They are always formed in places where the continuity of skin has been interrupted regardless of the fact whether it is a consequence of a traumatic injury or surgical intervention.

In addition to this, the final appearance of the scar also depends on the individually inherited ability of scar tissue formation. Scars are sometimes thin, soft at skin level and, if they are positioned well, they do not represent an aesthetic problem.

Scars are removed by applying surgical excision and then handling tissue non-traumatically, using thinner suture, positioning the scar correctly relative to the stretching skin power as well as by positioning the scar in the area where it is not visible or in certain natural skin fold, trying to make it less visible and aesthetically acceptable.

Keloid scars represent a significantly bigger problem and they most frequently leave even more unpleasant-looking scar tissue after repeated surgical intervention. The effort to remove them again includes direct postoperative injection of corticosteroid substances if the body is expected to react in the area of intervention. 

During immediate postoperative course, our surgeons will certainly suggest various creams that accelerate maturation of scar tissue and enable it to regain aesthetically acceptable form.

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