Lip correction

Experience and skilfulness of our aesthetic surgeons will bring back glow and freshness to your lips, or enlarge, shape and define them so that they look just like you wish. You only have to choose.



Patients very often address surgeons with questions about thickening, filling and augmentation of upper, lower or both lips. There are several options to solve these problems and the selected procedure depends on the agreement between the patient and the surgeon.

This procedure may be performed either under local or general anaesthesia according to the patient’s wish and accordingly requires different preoperative preparation and different postoperative recovery. Operation may result in extension of the rosy area of the lips only, but not their volume. In addition to surgery, it is possible to make a lip thicker by using various fillers or just highlighting the line of a lip or increasing its volume, i.e. it is possible to improve its fullness. If the lip line is highlighted, slight extension of skin in upper and lower lip occurs, thus small wrinkles may also be reduced considerably if they exist in this area.

At our hospital we use fillers based on hyaluronic acid (Puragen, MENTOR), the accomplished effect lasts from six to twelve months, and then the effect disappears rapidly.

The intervention is performed under local anaesthesia, lasts a couple of minutes, immediate swelling occurs upon surgery in the area where the filler is placed, so it is advised to apply cold compresses on lips for a few days, and the final effect is most frequently visible four days upon the interventio

ST Medica hospital makes available to its patients only the best. With its committed work, extensive experience and top results, we offer to our patients a feeling of full trust and satisfaction with completed services.


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