Face lifting – face skin tightening

It is vital to give the patients younger looks with tight and fresh skin that leaves the overall effect of natural appearance. Good lifting of face and neck “reverses the clock” 5-10 years backwards.



Face lifting is a surgical procedure used for removing signs of ageing on the face and neck. With age, skin loses some of its characteristics that give her fresh appearance, subcutaneous structures become loose, muscles lose their tone. The facelifting itself does not block ageing, but slows it down fictitiously.

Face lifting may be performed under general anaesthesia, but recently, following modern accomplishments, it is possible to perform it under local anaesthesia combined with sedation (patient is lightly asleep).

We also perform endoscopically-assisted face lifting, whereby the surgeon follows the operation on monitor using special instruments and camera, which enables small incisions, only a few millimetres long, safe operation, as well as minimum trauma of deeper structures, which overall results in a much faster and easier postoperative recovery. Correction of eyelids are frequently performed within face lifting, and there is also a possibility to combine this surgical method with a series of less invasive methods that may additionally correct face contours to achieve the best possible overall result.

Upon these surgical procedures as a part of immediate postoperative recovery at our hospital, the patient stays hospitalized for one or two days after the operation when the bandages are removed and stitches are usually removed between the fifth and the fourteenth day.

ST Medica hospital makes available to its patients only the best. With its committed work, extensive experience and top results, we offer to our patients a feeling of full trust and satisfaction with completed services.


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Specialist of plastic and reconstructive surgery


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