Eyelid correction

This is one of the most popular, common and efficient aesthetic face procedures that results in youthful appearance of eyelids and new face freshness.



This operation is aimed at correction of loose upper lids, as well as bags in the area of lower lids, which make the patient look old and tired. Sometimes the upper lid skin may be so abundant that it may cause reduction of visual field as well as headaches that result from the effort to keep the lids open.

At the first examination your wishes and objectives will be taken into consideration and noted down. Detailed examinations will then be performed and the plan of operation will be created that fully corresponds to your needs. Preoperative photos are used so as to fully monitor the procedure and its final result and provide step-to-step explanations to the patient. The patient is informed about possible risks and limitations during the examination. Our aim is to give all the information to patients so that they have a clear picture of what to expect from this procedure.

Blepharoplasty may be performed under local anaesthesia where a patient is awake and cooperates with the surgeon, but during the operation the patient is relaxed and does not feel any pain.

Patients are advised to sleep with head in a higher position than usual for the first several days. Contact lenses must not be worn for two weeks after the operation. Upon removal of stitches and light corrective make-up, patients may get back to their daily activities.

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