Ear correction

Earlobe remodelling can be used on patients of all ages. We perform this intervention with great success, so that you feel and look better.



This intervention is usually used to bring prominent (flap) ears closer to the head or reduce the size of the earlobe. It is mostly performed on children between the age of 4 and 14, but adults also undergo this procedure.

This intervention should be chosen only when a child (patient) begins to feel uncomfortable with such ears, since then children cooperate better during the intervention and have stronger motivation. Therefore, never opt for this kind of procedure if your child is not interested!

The intervention is usually carried out under local anaesthesia, but in agreement with surgeon it can also be performed under general anaesthesia if a child is young. The intervention lasts two hours and the patients may immediately leave the hospital upon surgery if the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. Plastic bandage is placed immediately upon the procedure, which is eased after several days and finally removed after 7 days. A pain occurs in the first several days and it is eliminated using analgesics.

Older patients may resume work after five days, and children should be taken care of for a longer period, especially when playing with other children. Stitches are removed after two weeks.


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