Body liposculpture

It is a planetary hit and of the most popular interventions in all of aesthetic surgery, which may be used to achieve the desired body appearance, to the tiniest details.



Liposculpture recontours the body by removing fat deposits from various body parts such as: hips, thighs, back, upper and lower abdomen, external thighs, internal sided of thighs and knees, lower legs, leg ankles and inner sides of upper arms. If necessary, the removed fat tissue may be filtered and returned to those parts of the body where there is a need for fat tissue (uneven surfaces, dents, natural wrinkles, thickening of lips, cheekbones, buttocks, etc.).

Through small openings in the skin using special instruments (cannulas) that are inserted under skin, aspiration of fatty tissue is performed. Cannulas must be of different sizes and shapes (diameter 2-6 mm) so as to be able to evenly remove fat from all layers. The process of aspiration is previously facilitated by inserting (infiltrating) a physiological solution with adrenalin or ultrasound rupture of fatty tissue.

Depending on the affected areas, liposuction may last 1-5 hours and it is usually performed under peridural anaesthesia in combination with analgosedation. The patients usually continue with their everyday activities after 5-7 days. Immediately upon intervention, a corset (mider) is put on the patient, which should be worn for at least 2-3 weeks due to better skin contraction, i.e. until swelling and bruising are completely diminished.

Transient occurrence of bruising and swelling is possible, that will gradually disappear during a period of two weeks, as well as transient sensory disorders, and potential small uneven surfaces, due to which early postoperative massage and lymphatic drainage are advised. If the skin loses all of its elasticity, it is necessary to reduce the skin (lifting of thighs, hips or arms).

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