Calf enlargement

Poorly developed muscles and thinness of the lower leg are no longer an issue. Balanced proportion of the lower and upper leg contributes to the beauty of the entire figure.



This aesthetic intervention leads to shape improvement and thickness of thin lower legs, as well as asymmetry of lower legs that occur as a consequence of some diseases or injuries. Upper legs may be corrected in a similar manner. 

An incision of approximately 3 cm is made on the back of the knee, and space is formed below fascia on the inner side of the lower leg, in which spindle-shaped silicone implant is placed.

The procedure is performed in peridural anaesthesia and lasts for approximately one hour. The stitches are removed after 10-14 days and the physical activities which demand effort of leg muscles, such as long walking or running, should be avoided for 3-4 weeks.

Swelling of lower legs and rare hematoma may occur after the surgery. Mild pain and other uncomfortable sensations may occur during long standing or effort and may sometimes last for up to two months.

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