Abdominal skin tightening

Loose abdominal skin does not have to be a problem. Our experienced aesthetic surgeons will remove the excess in a routine and efficient manner, to your great satisfaction.



Liposuction is the best method to remove extra skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue. Sometimes it is necessary to reposition belly button due to extensive removal of excess skin.

This intervention is performed under general anaesthesia, complete preoperative preparation is required, it is not dangerous since it does not invade the internal area of the abdomen, thus the function of vital abdominal organs is not disrupted. If necessary, the intervention may also include the reconstruction of abdominal muscles that may be weakened as a result of pregnancy or increased weight. The scar is horizontally located in the pubic area so it is easily covered by underwear.

The patient stays in hospital for 48-72 hours. It is necessary for the patient to lie still in bed for several days. In the course of postoperative recovery, the patient wears appropriate elastic garment for several weeks. Stitches are removed in the second week. Complications that may occur are similar to those of medium-complex operations.

ST Medica hospital makes available to its patients only the best. With its committed work, extensive experience and top results, we offer to our patients a feeling of full trust and satisfaction with completed services.


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