Removal of tattoos and permanent makeup

We have 25 years of experience working with lasers, which is the most extensive experience in European terms, with more than 10 years of experience in removing tattoos using special techniques.



The most common reason for removing tattoos is of social nature, due to changes of life status, job requirements or due to aesthetic flaws of previous tattoos. Until lasers came into use, all other known methods were not selective for the tattoo pigment, thus appearance of scars upon treatment was one of the most common consequences. Using a special laser, with short impulse duration, tattoos are removed easily, without scars.

Before lasers came into use, different methods were used including scraping and cutting of tattoos, injection of salt crystals or tanic acid, uncontrolled chemical burns that remove a part of the skin and the tattoo, but always with alterations of skin pigmentation and scarring as permanent consequences.

In centres such as ours, in the most modern manner, using selective laser wavelength for each tattoo colour and using short impulses (Q-switched laser), due to target effect on the pigment, the surrounding skin remains intact, healthy, there is no scarring or permanent alteration of pigmentation. Broken pigment is gradually removed through the lymphatic system, and in only 4 weeks, initial results of skin lightening are visible, which with time and treatment become more and more visible. With combination of a number of lasers, we achieve better results and reduction of tattoo removal period.

We are the only hospital that uses laser techniques for removing permanent makeup, which do not damage follicles of eyebrows. We use the largest number of technological innovations for better removal of tattoos such as R20 procedure, methods for reduction of laser beam scattering and fractional technology pretreatments.

ST Medica hospital makes available to its patients only the best. With its committed work, extensive experience and top results, we offer to our patients a feeling of full trust and satisfaction with completed services.


Dr Jasmina Kozarev

Specialist of dermatology
and laser dermatosurgery


Dr Nikola Kojić

Resident in plastic,
aesthetic and reconstructive surgery



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