Laser skin rejuvenation

Remove and mitigate the traces that are left on your face with the time and lifestyle. This is currently one of the most popular and most efficient treatments for skin rejuvenation in the world.



Skin ageing is a result of the alteration of shape and functioning of dermal capillaries, which leads to disruption of exchange of matters and trophic process. As a result, the activity of connective tissue cells is reduced, together with the density of collagen fibres.

Use of emitted infrared light of Nd:YAG laser with certain parameters of the light beam leads to photochemical reaction in blood vessels. During this reaction, light energy transforms into heat. Accurate dermal heating stimulates exchange of substances and regenerative process, activity of fibroblasts responsible for the production of new collagen.

This procedure results in visible refreshment of the facial skin, together with the neck and lower neck, improvement of turgor and elasticity. Alignment of fine wrinkles is visible, as well as the reduction of expanded pores and diffuse reddening of the skin. This procedure is adequate both for women and men of all skin types with first signs of ageing.

A number of treatments (usually 5-6) in intervals of 2-3 weeks is required for achieving visible results. The final result of laser rejuvenation is seen 2-3 months after the final treatment. The results are individual and depend on patient’s age, skin type, lifestyle, etc. Maintenance treatments are recommended after the first series of treatments.

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