Laser epilation

Laser epilation is the most durable and the most efficient method for removal of hair from all body parts - there are virtually no limitations when it comes to zones that can be treated.



During laser epilation, the emitted laser light is absorbed by pigment located in the hair root and follicle, light energy transforms into thermal energy that leads to destruction of the hair root and follicle. In this manner, the laser beam has selective effect on hair structures, without damaging surrounding skin.

Main benefits of laser epilation:

  • Permanent effect after full epilation treatment
  • Reduced possibility of irritation, allergic reactions or infective folliculitis
  • Laser light contributes to faster and efficient effect on the existing inflammatory processes
  • The possibility of reverse reaction of the skin related to stimulation of hair growth
  • There are no side effects in the treated skin zone

All body parts may undergo laser epilation - there are virtually no limitations when it comes to zones that can be treated. The number of treatments is individual and depends on numerous factors, zone subjected to treatment, age, hormonal condition, use of medications, etc. Approximately 7 treatments are usually required for body zone and around 10 treatments for face zones. If the hormonal results are stable, good cosmetic effect of epilation lasts from several months to a few years.

Hair should by no means be removed using wax or other mechanical method 2-3 weeks prior to laser treatment. However, immediately prior to the treatment, the hair should be removed by razor, depilatory cream, or cut so that they are close to skin level. This is necessary so as to reduce discomfort during the treatment.

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