Laser body contouring

Laser body contouring is the latest non-invasive technique for reduction of fat deposits on abdomen and thighs, upper arm and chin region. When combined with previous freezing of fat deposits (cryopolisis) provides exceptionally good results with resistant and hard cellulite in stages III and IV.


Laser body contouring is the latest non-invasive technique for reduction of fat deposits on abdomen and thighs, upper arm and chin region. Taking into account that the non-surgical treatment has numerous advantages relative to the classic surgical lipolysis, and especially relative to mesotherapy lipolysis where various foreign matters are used for melting fat deposits. Laser treatment is safe, comfortable, efficient and individually adjusted to each patient.  It is used without limitations for all skin types, but it is not a method for body weight reduction.

By increasing the temperature in the depth of fat deposits at 45 degrees Celsius in duration on 15-20 minutes, fat cells are permanently destroyed. Thereby, the skin surface cools so as to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, without pain and and without the possibility of causing thermal damage on the skin surface. Taking into account well-known characteristics of lasers to simultaneously affect creation of collagen fibres in the skin, there is no looseness and laxity after this type of treatment.

Contraindications for this type of treatment are patients who take medication which increase photosensitivity, epilepsy, pregnancy, malignancies, hemophilia and metal implants in the treatment zones.

Cryolipolysis is the most modern, non-surgical, non-invasive and completely safe method for removing localized fat deposits and cellulite such as deposits on the waist above hips, buttocks, abdomen, back, upper arms, legs and double chin, all without using anaesthesia.

Fat tissue is cooled efficiently and forcibly until achieving crystallization in fat cells. The achieved crystallization inside fat cells is an irreversible process and it leads to final damage of the fat cell and its destruction, without the need for subsequent intervention by suction of fat deposits. Treatment efficiency is seen through progressive loss of fat deposits (up to 3 centimetres after a one-hour treatment). Approximately 7 billion cells are damaged due to cold (between 0 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius which passes through the system), after which the body physically eliminates them.

Laser reduction of fat deposits and cryolipolysis are not methods for losing weight, but rather methods for reduction of fat deposits with remodelling of skin structure. These treatments have been approved by FDA.

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