Specialist examinations

Extensive experience and expertise of our staff, as well as technical equipment, guarantee top-quality professional service to our patients.


Specialist examinations in the ST Medica hospital are performed by a team of top specialists. In accordance with the modern treatment principle, the doctor will listen to the patient and perform a complete medical examination using other diagnostic means. Individual approach to each patient enable the best quality of diagnosis and determining further course of treatment.

In the ST Medica hospital, we believe that prevention is the best medicine and the simplest path to health. By regular specialist examinations, especially in patients with large risk factors, we can improve health, prevent or delay occurrence of disease or make an early discovery of chronic and other diseases. Sometimes only change of harmful habits is enough, and in early discovered diseases, the possibilities for applying treatment are bigger, as well as chances for recovery.

The following specialist examinations are available in our hospital:  

  • gynaecological specialist examination
  • pulmological specialist examination
  • ORL specialist examination
  • psychiatric specialist examination



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